Tips and Tricks to professional Capsa Susun Game

Capsa Susun game is a very popular game among the Indonesians. There are total four players in a game and a bunch of 52 cards are divided equally among each player. Now, you have to arrange your 13 cards in a 5-5-3 manner and start playing.

CapsaSusun is very popular as a gambling game, too. If you are a newcomer, go through this article. It will help you know some tips and tricks so that you can win, get help in your game and gain money in betting.

If one is playing through desktop, you may have got some problem like starting issues or slowing down of speed of the game. Use a separate browser for the game. If your clear cache memory, it may help you. You can re-install the game and start playing. Please delete and restart your computer before re-installing. I suggest you to use chrome or Mozilla Firefox as a browser for your game.

Tricks that you can apply in your game to win:

1. Place the lowest card at the top of the 5th or at the middle.

2. The card after the lowest must be biggest and bigger than the top most card too.

3. After getting the card below, arrange the top by the best card you get through the throws.

4. Always make every effort for a top level card, so that you are confident with your cards and can open it with no tension. If the person in your pair matches, you will win 1 point.

5. Properly arrange the card and make a perfect set of 5+5+3 cards.

6. Since there are 52 cards in total among which you got the 13 cards, you know the cards received by other people with a probability of 1/3. If you are good at math, this trick may help you judge the probable next throw of the players.

7. If you are good at face reading, it will also help you.

8. The thing that will help you in each level is the change of arrangement for all the players including you. It actually increases your chance to win if you maintain a proper strategy of arrangements.

Some other major important things that a player should know while playing capsa susun are as follows:

1. Always have a stock of big amount.

2. Don’t get emotional while playing. It will disrupt your mental stability and help you not to learn the strategy of the other players. For the same reason, you must also avoid drinking while playing. Alcohol affects in central nervous system and misbalances your emotional control.

3. Always concentrate on the game and figure out the action plan of other players and move accordingly.

4. Change the arrangements of card frequently if you are not lucky enough with cards.

5. People who play Poker qq can give a try to this interesting game.