Online Poker types

Gambling has gained a lot of popularity with online casinos becoming widespread. The most popular game type in online casino is the card game of poker. Online poker includes several card games with the recent addition of super 10 card games and domino games too. While land based casinos were limited to a genre of people. In online casinos there is no sort of limit of options as well as restriction of time and space. Several online casinos and gaming sites provide the facility to play online poker. Few websites like are dedicated poker websites.

Over the years there has been a huge increase in the amount of money gambled over the internet via the game of poker. Lakhs of visitors can register online for free on these websites and enjoy the game of poker. With amazing graphics and sound effects, you can get the feel that you are playing poker in a live environment. To start playing online poker all you need to do is, just sign up using your email and password. After successful registration, several websites provide some freeroll chips to start with. It is completely safe and secure to play online poker game.

Online poker variants —

    •  Texas Hold’em – This is a popular poker type and in this game every player gets 2 private cards. There are 5 community cards too that are dealt face up on the table. The player has to make a five-card hand using the combination of private and community cards dealt. The player is free to make any sort of permutation and combination in the game.
  • Pot limit Omaha – This is also widely played across the glove and is similar to Texas Hold’em. Here the player gets 4 private cards instead of 2 and the number of community cards remains the same. Player has to make a hand using 2 private and 3 community cards.
  • Omaha Hi/Lo – This poker variant is having similar rules like Pot Limit Omaha. But there is difference in the showdown as well as the mechanism of the game. A player is free to make a low or high hand combination with the help of the community and private cards dealt. The table or the game board is divided in this game into 2 sections namely low and high as per the combination.
  • Sprint Poker – This multi player game is popularly played with real money. In this game, players can switch between tables while the game is on using a mechanism known as folding.

Benefits of playing online poker —

  • Amazing gaming experience
  • 100% safe and legal to play
  • Varied payment options
  • Free sign up bonuses.
  • Good customer support and chat system on websites.