Online Poker Guide for a First Timer

Online poker has gained much popularity, and it’s now an excellent time to play online and win some real money. Websites have risen and fallen, the scandals have also disappeared, and some sites are even pulling out of unregulated jurisdictions from around the world. Hence, it has never been safe for beginners to start playing poker online, but now it is. In this article, we go through the main points that you will need to know before indulging in your first poker game on sites like Situs Judi Online.

Choosing a Site:

This step is the most important, and it’s even more essential than choosing the skill, bankroll or username. You will need to select a site carefully and ensure the online room works for you. Every player is not the same, and some places are better for beginners than others.

The sites that are good for beginners include lots of easy cash games, freerolls which offer free daily cash and maybe a load of casual players filing up the tables. Try to avoid playing at sites where you will struggle or worse get eaten by sharks.

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Downloading and setting an account:

Poker rooms are of two types, download and no-downloaded sites. This means you download the clients and save them on your desk. Offices that need instant play and no download can be accessed via web browsers. These can be good option if you’re playing on a Mac or you want to log in to a poker account from various mobile devices and other machines. Whichever platform you choose, you will have to pick a username and password when you register for the account.

Making a deposit:

Real money players have to make an initial deposit. The banking options will vary from one site to the other, and from one jurisdiction to the other; it all depends on where you live. However, you will have to choose a method that will work for you. You can make a quick deposit easy by selecting the banking method from the cashier, entering your card number and clicking the deposit button.

If you’re a first-time depositor, then you may have to go through a verification process for the funds to be processed. Usually, this is quick and requires sending through scans of ID documents to the poker sites.

Picking the right games for you:

It’s easy to be fascinated by the bright lights and glamor, and get lured into a big stakes game in the lobby. They are quite accessible, and there is often no fear in clicking on a high stakes game and sitting down. Poker is all about mastering the level you have reached at that moment. So, you need to start low and understand that you need to consistently crush the micro stakes level and find the sites with the most benefits.