How to Qualify for Major Poker Tournaments

Here people will show you how you can play poker tournaments online for large sums of money for free or at a very low price. All major poker rooms have so-called satellite qualifiers for their main tournaments, with the number of seats available in the next round. Very often satellites are free to enter.

 If you choose the right strategy, you can play large sums of money in the final without standing up.

First, what is a satellite poker tournament? In short, this is a tournament that offers a certain number of seats in a larger tournament, and entry is usually free or very small. For example, enter a satellite with, for example, 10 proposed seats for the final or the same number of seats for the number of entries, and all you need to do is to finish at these positions in order to advance.

If you can progress, you are closer to the game for the jackpot. To move from satellites to the tournament finals, you must use the right strategic approach, which is different from the one you could use in regular tournaments. The reason for this is that your goal, if you are playing in a satellite daftar poker online tournament, is simply to ensure progress.

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As the blinds increase in the intermediate stages of the tournament, before deciding who to face, pay attention to their stack size and stack sizes of their opponents, as well as their cards. Choose your fights with caution. By this it means that if you have a large stack of chips, why bind a player with another large stack? If you do this and lose your hand, you can leave. Remember that your goal is to reach the next round, finishing high enough to qualify.

If you have reached the final stages of the satellite, continue to play reasonably and remember what position you are in and where the cut is. Keep playing your best game. If you are unlucky to continue the game with a small handful, you may have to go to hail and hope for the best. If it is time to press, try to do it against other small players. If you have a stack size that is comfortable enough to fold and survive until you consolidate the progression position, do just that.


As soon as you win this place in the next round or in the final, do yourself a slap in the face and congratulate yourself, because you are one step closer to participating in the tournament with big money and deserve it.